A home is a big investment, and whether you plan to live in it or are planning to renovate and then sell, remodeling projects that address exterior features, interior replacements and enhancements and energy efficient upgrades are all benefits that will not only add to the beauty and efficiency of the home but can also significantly increase its value. Home remodeling can focus on multiple areas for both indoor and outdoor renovations that benefit the home. Making it more up-to-date and energy efficient, expanding the square footage and remodeling those areas that need repair and replacement can increase the home's value.


Interior Ideas

Drywall that is in disrepair can be replaced with new sheets of drywall, which will require mudding and taping, or popcorn texturing, which can be applied to ceilings and walls to cover imperfections. Texturing is an easy process and costs less than complete replacement. To update smooth drywall, use wallpaper on entire walls or as a border. Decorative metal panels can be placed on walls and ceilings for an effective look, and wood paneling or laminate paneling, both available in sheets, can be enhanced with the addition of crown molding. In older homes, drop ceilings can be replaced with new panels or the grid can be removed and the ceiling framed out and replaced with drywall and insulation. Upgrading interior and closet doors, framing and building shelves for additional storage space, installing fans and recessed lighting and painting are all remodeling ideas that can improve the overall look and functionality of the home.


Exterior Ideas

Replacing single-paned windows found in older homes with double-paned windows will help conserve energy. Installing skylights is energy efficient, and adding storm windows and shutters serves to protect against the elements during inclement weather. Replace exterior metal doors with solid hardwood doors and ensure all wood framing in and around windows and doors is sealed and allows no drafts. Exterior walls, whether wood, cement, brick or vinyl siding, can benefit from caulking cracks and holes, replacing wood rot or trim and replacing damaged siding before applying fresh paint to the entire area.



When remodeling a home, address any roofing, electrical or plumbing issues, if possible. Electrical and plumbing issues require working behind walls, in ceilings and under houses. A leaky roof should be repaired before any interior work is started.


Every project begins with an idea!


Before you start your home improvement project,
Run some financial numbers to determine whether your project is a smart investment. The numbers include the estimated costs, home value assessment, financing costs, and other related calculations.


Home remodeling is deciding
What you would like to do. This includes reviewing home remodeling ideas, home improvement plans, architectural styles, floor layouts, home product galleries and more


Sketching your ideas and developing the spec plan.
The spec plan determines what type of materials and design considerations that will be needed. You will use the spec plan and architectural design to bid the project out to a contractor.


The spec plan defines the building specs!
For your home remodeling project. It is recommended to have a spec plan to discuss the project with a contractor. The spec plan will define what materials and design concepts that will be needed.


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